Enjoy the lapping water on Lake Veluwe, then go and have something to drink somewhere: in the Hanseatic city of Elburg! You can sail from the resort to Elburg harbour within half an hour.

Walking around the city of Elburg, you feel as though you are in medieval times. The Oude Wallen (old city walls) with their stunning trees, the narrow alleys, the cobblestone pavements and marvellous vistas make this an ambient environment in which you can enjoy wonderful walks. The old wooden boats that still lie in the harbour, 18th-century fishing boats, keep Elburg’s fishing heritage alive. Sail into the old harbour with your sloop and moor. Then enjoy the antiquity of this Hanseatic city. Visit De Vischpoort national monument or Elburg museum full of antiquities. Shop in ancient, narrow streets, get a dose of culture while wandering around the classic buildings and grab a tasty bite on one of the many lively squares. Starting to like the idea of sailing to Elburg with your boat or sloop?


Sailing to and mooring in Elburg

From Resort Zuiderzee, turn the boat to starboard directly after Elburger Bridge. You then sail along the canal that takes you straight to Elburg. Watch your speed, as you may only sail at a maximum speed of 5 km/hr there.

There is plenty of space for watersports enthusiasts, but do not arrive too late in the high season. It can quickly become crowded in good weather and boats soon have to berth side by side. Since the number of marinas on the lakes has increased over the years, the number of visitors has decreased somewhat, but Elburg municipal harbour remains a popular spot to moor. In keeping with tradition, the harbour master does his rounds by bicycle to collect berthing fees. See the costs for a berth at the bottom of this page.

It is the ideal harbour to stay for a few days, as the harbour is being completely renovated and the initial results are already apparent. The new harbour office is equipped with a reporting station and the building also has ample sanitary facilities. The jetties have a power supply as well as running water and Wi-Fi. The harbour is within short walking distance of the centre, through the city gate.

Details and information

Elburg municipality

P.O. Box 70
8080 AB Elburg
tel. 0525-688 688 of 06 5149 0030

VHF kanaal 12
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Berthing fee: € 1.30 per meter (from 16.00 hours)
Tourist tax: € 1.10 p/p
Sanitary facilities: inclusive
Internet: free Wi-Fi on the jetties (mid 2016)

The harbour office is contactable on 06 51490030


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Happy Boats Boat Rentals is part of the Snoekbaars Bootverhuur organization and is an initiative of Aad Lansbergen with close coorporation with EuroParcs. Aad Lansbergen is one of the house owners (eg at Europarcs Zuiderzee) as from the first moment and with his twenty years of experience on boating and sailing, we dare to say with confidence that you will be as excited about the boats and sloops he personally selected.

The boats are directly available for rent from EuroParcs Veluwemeer. Activities “Zanderfishing on Lake Veluwe…” and “Sailing on Lake Veluwe” are part of the event program of EuroParcs and contribute to an even better experience during your vacation at the parc.

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