Go where ever you like to sail

Go where ever you like to sail

Alone or with friends and family. No navigation license needed!
Island hopping on Lake Veluwe

Island hopping on Lake Veluwe

Sail to uninhabited islands
Sail to Harderwijk

Sail to Harderwijk

A day out sailing to the Dolfinarium


Enjoy nature on Lake Veluwe
Take your kids with you

Take your kids with you

And go look for those idyllic beaches
Waterside bungalow

Waterside bungalow

Experience the luxury of stepping out of your bungalow onto your boat
These are our Happy Boats!

These are our Happy Boats!

Are you already looking forward to go sailing?

Welcome to Happy Boats Boat Rentals

Enjoy a delightful sailing experience in a boat or sloop on Lake Veluwe.
You do not not need a legal (sail or navigation) license for boats from Happy Boats because the sailing speed is below the legal maximum of 20 kilometres per hour.

With Happy Boats you can. Our boats are equipped with comfortable seats and a real steering wheel so nothing stands in your way of enjoying the sailing trip for you and your guests. 



corsiva sloep

The Happy Boats

Sail 11 miles per hour with ease. Still without a license needed


Have a picnic

Bring your own basket and enjoy a picnic. Getting hungry?

the unknown - nature

The unknown

Sail to places in pristine natural surroundings that you would never have seen otherwise

Boating & Relaxing

The harbour flows straight into the Lake Veluwe, so within minutes you’ll have the Lake in sight. The reception of Droomparken will give you a full boating instruction including a sailingmap.

Chalet & Boat

Chalet & Boat

Holiday with boat hire, view the discount for combining these options



Enjoy this comfortable boat



End the day with a delicious dinner

About Happy Boats Boat Rentals

Happy Boats Boat Rentals is part of the Snoekbaars Bootverhuur organization and is an initiative of Aad Lansbergen with close coorporation with Europarcs Holiday parcs. Aad Lansbergen is one of the house owners as from the first moment and with his twenty years of experience on boating and sailing, we dare to say with confidence that you will be as excited about the boats and sloops he personally selected.

The boats are directly available for rent from Europarcs Bad Hoophuizen.

Contact information

Europarcs Bad Hoophuizen
Varelseweg 211
8077 RB  Hulshorst

Would you like more to receive more information or to rent a boat?
Please mail to : info@windywaters.nl