harderwijk molen thumbSailing to Harderwijk makes for a delightful sailing excursion; one with a purpose! After enjoying the lapping water on Lake Veluwe for 45 minutes, you can moor conveniently in Harderwijk harbour. You can still experience the rich history of the culinary harbour town with approximately 45,000 residents. The ramparts, manor houses and buildings of the former university and monastery mark a long history. The old buildings now accommodate shops, restaurants, galleries and cultural organisations. The beach island with its welcoming boulevard lies on the Harderwijk coast. The beach island is a unique place directly beside the old city centre and with plenty of entertainment.

Activities in Harderwijk

There are many events every year, such as the Festival de Nieuwe Hanze in May, the Aaltjesdagen in June and the Lalaland cultural festival in May. In addition, Harderwijk is the ‘Santa Claus capital’ with all kinds of activities when Santa visits our country. The marine mammals welcome you to the Dolfinarium with awesome shows. De Zwaluwhoeve is one of the most popular wellness centres in the Netherlands. You can eat at one of the many top restaurants at the Vischmarkt. The enterprising, open and relaxed atmosphere of the city in a beautiful area invites you to visit our welcoming city for a short or longer stay!

Source harderwijk.nl

See the Visit Harderwijk website for more ideas.

Mooring in Harderwijk

There are several options for mooring in Harderwijk. Incidental visitors can moor in the fishing harbour. If there is no space, you can moor in Knarland. See the harbour section of the Harderwijk website for the most up-to-date information.

House rules for Harderwijk harbours

  • Noise nuisance is not permitted in our harbours; this disturbs the enjoyment of others.
  • It is forbidden to carry out maintenance on your vessel if there is a risk of polluting the surface water.
  • Dogs must always be kept on a leash in Harderwijk, with the exception of the dog track and off-leash areas.
  • The municipality will not be liable for damage to persons or goods, or for loss or theft of goods.

The harbour regulations are on display in the harbour office.

Harbour master
The harbour master can be found in the office under the town hall:
Mornings: 7.30 - 12.00 hours
Afternoons: 13.30 - 17.00 hours

For urgent matters, the harbour master can be reached on tel. 034-14 11 339 or 06 53 94 70 24.

Source: harderwijk.nl

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